Preparing Your Home For Your Christmas Tree

Whether at home or in the office, putting up your Christmas tree can be a very messy business. A lot goes into the perfect Christmas tree from carpet cleaning to needle dusting. Following these 3 tips will help you ensure your home is well prepared before you put up your Christmas tree, and also help you maintain your hard work as those needles can get everywhere!

Prepare the carpet

Putting up your Christmas decorations is the perfect opportunity to give your carpet or flooring a good deep clean. This will also make it easier to help maintain a clean carpet during the Christmas season.

Cleaning the tree

There are pros and cons to both artificial and real Christmas trees. However real Christmas trees unfortunately shed their needles. Real Christmas trees are disposable but artificial trees need to be stored away for the vast majority of the year and collect a lot of dust.

The key with a real Christmas tree is to maintain the needles, they will fall everywhere! So be sure to give under the tree a once over every day or so to make sure you’re keeping up with fallen needles.

However, artificial trees are quite low maintenance once they are up. Preparing the tree is where the hard work comes in, being up in the attic for a whole year, it’s going to be very dusty. The quickest way to get rid of this dust would be to vacuum your tree, be sure to test this first, other than that you can simply wipe the branches down with a warm damp sponge.

Preserve the smell of Christmas

If you have ever had a real Christmas tree you will know they smell divine however, you will also know that the tree can lose this smell within a few days. To preserve this smell, you simply have to keep your tree watered, away from heat sources and also cut approximately 1 inch from the bottom of the tree. This will ensure your house is smelly Christmassy all throughout the Christmas period.

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