Office Cleaning: Concerns vs Reality

Office Cleaning: Concerns vs Reality


Now that many employees have been returning to the office to work with the COVID-19 restrictions being eased, it’s more important than ever to ensure that the office space that they occupy stays safe and clean.

Whether or not your company has used a cleaning service before, there are things that need to be considered by the business before they commit to paying for a service. We’ve put together some common expectations and realities of hiring a cleaning service to keep your office space clean!

Concerns about using cleaning services:

Cleaners will disrupt workers:

Often we are asked if our service will disrupt your workers, but we know that your business has goals and objectives to hit. It can be easily arranged for your cleaning services to be out of working hours to avoid any risk for disruption. 

There are set times for cleaning:

Leading on from the last point, there are no set times that our services are to be carried out. It is often thought that our working hours are your average office hours, but this is not the case. Our cleaning schedule is tailored to your requirements and made sure that it is the best time for both parties. 

Services are lacklustre:

There are many customers who think that cleaning services only go over the visible dirt and rubbish, but we make sure that all of our employees are fully trained, and are made to complete a new training manual for each site. We have high cleaning standards and make sure that our clients are always happy.


The reality of using our cleaning services: 

Cleaning Services SwanseaRegular check-ins from management:

When any of our clients use our services, they will always have regular check-in from the management of ServiceMaster to ensure that we are keeping to our high standard cleaning services. These check ins are also used to help us know if you, our client, is happy with our work and is an opportunity to voice any concerns.

Increases productivity:

Did you know that keeping your employees’ workspace clean can actually improve productivity? Over 77% of workers had said they felt like that produced higher quality work when in a clean environment! (GCCFM)

Suited to your budget

Different companies need different services – and some have a larger budget than others. You work with you to help figure out what services you need and what we can provide for your budget!