Natural ways of eliminating bad classroom odours:

Natural ways of eliminating bad classroom odours:

School term time in South Wales is coming to an end and children are looking forward to enjoying their summer holidays! But, this weather isn’t always great. The warm temperatures are perfect for bacteria growth causing bad odours especially in busy classroom environments!

If you think your classroom smells, just follow these natural ways to eliminate odours. Remember a fresh environment equals a fresh mind, meaning happy children!

Tip Number 1:

To eliminate bad classroom odours during the nice weather, simply open the windows. Fresh air entering the classroom will help to circulate and eliminate the current stuffy air trapped inside. However, to make your classroom extra fresh, cut a lemon in half and place this by the window to make the fresh air circulating smell like lemons. This is a great natural way to get rid of any bad odours and will help keep the children’s minds fresh.

Tip Number 2:

Ever have problems with bad smelling waste bins around the classroom and school grounds? Well this can be easily solved. Sprinkle some baking soda into the bottom of waste bins or waste bin bags and this will kill off any bad bacteria and odours. This can be a real problem in the warm weather so empty the bins regularly and follow this natural tip and you will no longer have a problem with smelly bins.

Tip Number 3:

Children’s lunch boxes can sometimes be deadly when opened. Children love leaving food waste in their lunch boxes in the bottom of their bags daily! Even when washed regularly, lunch boxes over time gather bad odours. The best way to stop this is to soak a piece of bread in vinegar overnight in the lunch box and this will kill off any long-term food odours. If done regularly this will help maintain children’s lunch boxes and will keep their lunch’s nice and fresh.

Tip Number 4:

Carpets are always a massive instigator for bad odours especially in classroom. Children walking their dirty shoes over the carpets and dropping all sorts, over time even if cleaned often will give off bad odours. This is more apparent during the warm weather where germs and bacteria grow in the carpet. A natural way to get rid of this issue is to sprinkle baking soda onto the carpets and leave overnight. Before the children enter in the morning, simply vacuum up the baking soda. This will ventilate the classroom, meaning children will enter a fresh environment every morning.

Tip Number 5:

Over time mould and mildew will build up around the classroom. Mould and mildew are a number one cause of bad odours if not treated. You can buy bleach to get rid of this issue but if used often can have a negative effect on children’s health so natural solutions around young children is always best. Using white vinegar to scrub any mould and mildew will quickly get rid of any germs and bad odours and will not damage children’s health overtime.

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