Keeping Your Pet Friendly Workplace Clean

A pet-friendly workplace is an amazing way to bond employees and can be a great aid in relieving stress.

As amazing it is, there are some extra steps a business owner must take in order to keep their pet-friendly workplace clean. As lovely as these fluffy bundles of joy are, they are often very messy. Dependent on the type of pet you keep you’re most likely to have fur all over the office which can cause allergies and become unsightly.

Below our some of our top tips on keeping your pet-friendly workplace clean. Everything from slobber, fur and furry friend accidents.

Keeping carpets clean

With all the cuddles and fun your fluffy workplace friend will bring, your carpets are bound to get filled with fur. With this said, you may find yourslef needing to take extrea measures to ensure you’re vacuum-cleaning your carpets and floors often with pet deodorising products.

The frequent vacumming will help reduce the build up of fur to help you in the long run. If you want to be extra efficient be sure to get a vacuum specially designed for pet hair and fur.


Although most pets you trust in to be in your workplace or office are usually toilet trained, there is always the risk of an unexpected accident, especially if time runs away with you and your busy schedule. This is no problem aslong as you’re prepared. Ensure you keep the appropriate products at hand and tackle any accidents as soon as they happen.

Smelling fresh

This one is unavoidable, you will need to take extra measures to ensure your office is kept smelling pleasant and fresh. Dogs have a bit of a reputation for becoming a little smelly every now and then, especially when they are wet. Be sure to stock up on extra air fresheners and maybe leave some windows open every now and then.

Hiring a professional cleaning company can take this all off of your hands, we will take care of all of your pet worries for you. If you think you could benefit from our office cleaning Swansea and surrounding areas services, get in touch today.