Keeping Your Office Clean During Covid-19

Now more than ever it is vital that you ensure your workplace is clean and free of germs.

Now that offices are starting to return back to work its key to keep your office and workspaces as clean as possible at all times to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Follow these tips below to help you achieve this level of cleanliness for the safety of you and your staff and to keep your office clean during Covid-19.


Germs love warm, stuffy spaces where they can breed. Be sure to keep windows open as often as you can to let the air in the room circulate. If you have extractor fans, try and keep these on as much as possible too.

Clean Regularly

Ensure you are wiping down high touch surfaces such as door handles as often as possible with an anti-bacterial product that kills 99.9% of germs. The product can be sprayed over the surface and then wiped down with a damp cloth and left to dry.

This is especially important in spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms where a lot of people touch surfaces.

Hand Sanitise

Ensure each employee has their own sanitiser and uses it regularly or washes their hands. Especially after touching high touch surfaces such as kitchen appliances.

Dispose of reusable masks and gloves properly

It is important that if you and your employees are using disposable gloves and masks that you discard these in the correct way. Having a separate bin for these is handy and ensure all employees dispose of theirs as soon as they are done using them and do not leave them out on other surfaces.

This tips will help you keep your office clean during Covid-19. If you would like to talk to us about our cleaning contracts carried out by trained professionals get in touch today.