Keeping Clean to Tackle Hay Fever

It’s June and all over the UK people are suffering from runny noses, scratchy eye and endless sneezes. We are in the height of hay fever season. No one enjoys it and it can often put a downer on many sufferers’ summers.

However, there are certain things you can do this summer to limit the effects of hay fever, whether in the office or at home. These tips will help you stay sane and enjoy the summer outside.

Keep Windows Closed

It may seem obvious, but this tip may just be the most important of all. Many people use the shelter of indoors to escape the hay fever symptoms however if you have your windows open pollen will find a way of getting in. Keep them tightly closed as much as you can especially on days where a high pollen count is forecast.

Clean regularly

Pollen can pretty much stick to anything and will find a way of getting into your home or workspace. It’s a good idea to keep your carpets vacuumed, keep your surfaces clean and pay attention to soft furnishings and dust, where pollen will be more attracted too.  It’s also important to point out if you work in a salon or somewhere with a communal public space you will also want to pay extra attention to this as you don’t want potential clients suffering in your establishment.

Groom your pets

Again, pollen loves to stick to soft materials it can embed into, so if your home or office pet is particularly furry make sure you’re keeping them groomed and ensure you are vacuuming or cleaning any moulting fur to limit your hay fever symptoms.

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