Keep Your Office Clean During A Storm

At the moment, considering we are in the Summer season all we seem to be getting is storm after storm. So we thought now would be a great time to share some of our top tips on how to keep your office clean during a storm.

Trying to keep your workplace clean during wet and stormy weather can be difficult, but there are certain steps you can take to ensure you’re doing what you can to keep your office clean.


Protecting your entrances during stormy weather is the key to keeping your office clean. Use quality doormats to ensure as little mud, water and debris are being carried through your office as possible. If you can, try popping a doormat both on the inside and the outside of your entrances.

Take this tip and extra step further and consider umbrella stands. There is nothing worse than someone coming into your office or shop with their umbrella dripping all over the floor.


As your parents and grandparents have probably told you in the past, don’t go out with wet hair you’ll catch a cold. If your employees are getting caught in the storms they are more likely to develop a cold. So make sure you’re regularly disinfecting your workplace to reduce the spread of these germs. This will also result in fewer sick days for your employees.

Clean Windows

Windows can be a nightmare in stormy weather. With the rain and wind tackling them constantly and often blowing leaves at them they can become very dirty very quickly. So just make sure you keep on top of these and get the outside clean as soon as you can to prevent any build-up before the next storm hits.


Flooring and carpets can also go through a lot during stormy weather so again, just be sure to keep on top of vacuuming and cleaning to avoid long-term damage.

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