Why is it important to to deep clean student properties between tenancies?

Students might not have the best reputation for being particularly tidy or clean…. but to help maintain a good reputation as a letting agency/ landlord you may want to consider some simple cleaning solutions to achieve happy new tenants each year.

National Union of Students (NUS) reported that over three quarters of students have issues with their privately rented accommodation when moving in. To avoid this being your tenancies, end of tenancy cleans can bring your properties to a high cleanliness standard in which your tenants will want and deserve.

Carpet Cleaning:

Unclean bathrooms, kitchens and in particular carpets will collect a dangerous level of bacteria and germs. These germs can lead to illnesses such as food poisoning and stomach ulcers meaning tenants are living in unhealthy environments.

But do not panic, one simple way to reduce high levels of germs is to rent out a carpet cleaning machine a couple of times a year to help maintain a healthy home. For student tenancies this rental period could be either the summer, Christmas or Easter when your tenants are most likely to be out of the property. This will then help to maintain the quality of the carpets around the property meaning the pricey cost of replacing the carpets will be avoided.

Blinds and Curtain Cleaning:

Mould can cause major problems, particularly in student housing. Just like germs and bacteria it can cause health problems for your tenants. Due to blinds and curtains being placed in the window area they are likely to absorb moisture and water. This then leads to mould if left untreated and can damage the material of the blind or curtain.

Along with mould causing health problems it can also affect your reputation as the blinds will appear dirty and neglected to new tenants moving in. But again do not panic, blinds and curtains can be cleaned. This can be done by simply reading the products cleaning instructions and following them carefully to the manufacturer’s recommendations.


This is another key area in which you may want to maintain to a high standard to satisfy your new tenants. This is because a report from the National Union of Students, plus the Co-operative food, revealed that 50% of students are put off from cooking from scratch due to the state of their kitchens. Along with the buildup of harmful bacteria and germs that will be present in a unclear kitchen, it will also disappoint the new tenants when moving into the property.

To make sure your property kitchen is clean enough for your new tenants follow these tips to maintain a high standard:

  • Use a toothbrush and baking soda to clean your stainless steel sinks

  • Use some water and lemon slices to steam- clean the microwave so it’s smelling fresh

  • Hose out the bins either outside or in the shower with hot water to kill any germs

However, because we have cleaned many student and non- student houses, we could save you a lot of time and effort by making sure your properties are to the highest standard for your new tenants. So if your properties need a clean give us a call on 01792 32 32 38 or fill out the enquiry form below.

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