Health Benefits of Cleaning

Many of us see a clean and tidy environment as the only positive point of cleaning. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the many other benefits both the activity of cleaning and the outcome of cleaning can have on us. Take a look at just some of the fitness and health benefits cleaning can have on us.

Lower the Risk of Illness

So, the most obvious health benefits of cleaning is for basic hygiene and cleanliness. With a clean house or office space, there is a lower risk of germs and bacteria spreading around and causing illness. Keep on top of your cleaning and you’ll have a better chance of not getting poorly this winter.

 A Good Workout

We all know how busy life can get. How are you supposed to go to work, exercise and clean on top of all of your other activities all in one day? Well, you can save some time by working out while you clean! It is proven that cleaning is a low intensity workout, helping you to maintain your health and fitness. If you enjoy a more intense workout try adding some hoover lunges into the mix to get your vacuuming and workout done in one go.

Stress Relief

Having a clean and tidy work or living space can also have a huge impact on our mental health. A cluttered space can often cause people to feel stressed and reduce productivity. Where as when a space is clean and tidy this can reduce stress and allow people to have some much needed relaxation time.

Reduce Dust & Allergies

Allergies can make some of us very poorly and can actually be quite dangerous. The best way to minimise things like dust and pet hair, which can cause allergic reactions, is by regularly cleaning those nooks and crannies where dust can gather.

Lower Risk of Injury

Not only is an untidy space stressful and an eye sore it is also potentially very dangerous. From cluttered areas to spills, it is quite easy to fall, trip or slip in an untidy space. The best way to minimise this risk is to keep floors dry and clear and spend some time each day to put things away in to storage boxes so you don’t get a build up of clutter.

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