Dog-Friendly Office Cleaning Swansea

A dog-friendly office comes with many perks such as stress relief, communication and of course, cuddles. However, these lovely fluffy creatures also have their downfalls.

These big furry bundles of joy, as lovely as they are, are messy. Not only do they get their fur EVERYWHERE, but they also love to lick anything and everything and can occasionally have the odd accident. Having an office dog means that extra measures must be taken in order to keep your workplace clean and tidy. These tips below will help you keep your office clean while enjoying all of the benefits of your office dog.

Carpet cleaning

Amongst all of the cuddles and fun, your workplace carpets are likely to take the worst hit. This means you need to pay extra attention to them, make sure you’re vacuum-cleaning your carpets often.

This will reduce the build-up of fur. Speaking of fur, ensure your vacuum is specially designed to tackle pet hair. You should also give your carpet a regular deep clean, there are plenty of pet-friendly products out there to do the job. This will keep your carpet smelling fresh and free from any dog residue.

Be accident aware

We all know the risk that comes with allowing your dog into any enclosed areas. Particularly with puppies, they can be prone to the odd accident. But not to worry, you just need to be prepared. Keep the appropriate cleaning products close by and make sure you’re taking your dog out frequently to do their business. This will limit the accidents but don’t forget, the chances of you encountering an accident is high.

Smelling fresh

This one is unavoidable, you will need to take extra measures to ensure your office is kept smelling pleasant and fresh. Dogs have a bit of a reputation for becoming a little smelly every now and then, especially when they are wet. Be sure to stock up on extra air fresheners and maybe leave some windows open every now and then.

Of course, by hiring a commercial cleaning company, we will take care of all of this for you. If you think you could benefit from our office cleaning Swansea and surrounding areas services, get in touch today.