Daily Office Cleaning Increases Productivity

On average we spend more time awake in the workplace than we do in our own homes. So why do we accept working in an office that isn’t cleaned as well as our homes?

Most people ensure that their homes are kept clean and tidy by devoting a few hours a week to conducting household chores, so why should the workplace be any different? You will be surprised at how a clean workplace makes a difference in regards to morale, and productivity throughout the day.

Reducing Sickness
The average employee is absent nine days per year through sickness and a number of businesses can take action against this. Office furniture and equipment can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. The average keyboard can harbor up to 7,500 bacteria at any one time!! Equipment such as keyboards help spread germs and illnesses around the office, especially if the company adopt a “hot-desking” method of working where employees share desks, therefore using other employees keyboards and equipment. Viruses such as flu can survive on hard surfaces such as an office desk for 24 hours.

If the office bins are emptied daily and desks and computer equipment sanitised then this can reduce the risks of illness which will increase productivity. Quite simply, the less sickness you have within your office space, the more staff you have in working and the higher your productivity will be as a result.

Boost Motivation
It’s a fact that we are spending more time at work in this day and age compared to our ancestors. A clean and tidy working environment can help keep spirits high and boost morale among staff. No employee wants to work within a dirty environment with bins overflowing and dirty desks.

Company Culture
When a client walks into your office or a customer into your public spaces then they will immediately form an perception of your business based on your companies image which includes cleanliness. Your office space is an extension of your companies products and services and may be one of the first impressions that the client or staff have of your business. A clean, fresh office immediately creates a professional atmosphere.

Reducing Stress
A disorderly, cluttered and un-tidy office can cause unnecessary stress and even raise tension among colleagues. It often ends up being the same few who empty the bins and cleans up, which could cause problems.

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