Could keeping your office clean increase productivity?

Sick leave is said to cost UK employers an unbelievable £29 billion a year! Making sure your office space is clean could help significantly reduce your losses through employee sickness.


Offices are unfortunately the perfect breeding ground for germs, particularly desk spaces. Many of us eat our lunch at our desks. Not only is it pretty disgusting when you think about all the crumbs and debris that will wheedle their way in to your keyboard, it’s also far from ideal to be staring at your monitor for 8 hours of the day. Try getting away from your desk to eat your lunch. Why not try a 30-minute walk on your lunch break? You’ll not only have a more hygienic work space but a short walk every day improves your digestion, burns calories and you’ll feel far more production in the afternoon.

Keeping toilet areas clean can often be difficult when so many people are using the same facilities. Using the correct products can help keep these areas clean for as long as possible. It’s also important to remember to clean areas that people frequently touch such as door handles and flush levers that can be just as germ ridden as the actual toilet seat!

Kitchen areas in the office are also a hot spot for germs but small changes can make a big difference. Regularly changing sponges and scourers is essential. Even after a few uses they could be teeming with bacteria. Also ensure surfaces are wiped down regularly with an antibacterial cleaning solution suitable for kitchen areas.


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