Commercial Toilet and Washroom Cleaning

At ServiceMaster Swansea we ensure that all of our commercial cleaning staff treat toilet and washroom hygiene as their upmost priority. We service over 100 commercial clients within Swansea and South West Wales and many of which are open to the public, such as, Doctor Surgery waiting rooms, Sport Stadiums, Car Dealerships and Pubs/Clubs, therefore ensuring the upkeep of toilets and washrooms to ensure the healthcare of your staff and visitors should always remain a top priority. The article we found below highlights some useful facts a figures regarding toilets and washrooms within the commercial cleaning sector.

“On a global level, restroom hygiene is a major point of concern when promoting public and personal health—especially in high traffic areas where customers and employees are closely interacting (e.g., retail stores and restaurants). Proper restroom hygiene can help prevent spread of bacteria and illness to customers and help keep employees healthy, which helps reduce the number of sick days used per year.

Facility executives understand that restroom appearance and cleanliness can affect a customer’s perception of an establishment. Because of this impact, they should be aware of (and concerned with) restroom products and maintenance.

Whether a restroom is a new build or a redesign, facility decision makers should think about hygiene before purchasing any necessary fixtures or products. Hygiene can be easy to promote—if you know what to look for when evaluating the options. First, be aware of the most impactful touch points that affect user experience within the restroom. Then, ensure as few germs are spread as possible by choosing hygienic product solutions and properly maintaining the restroom.

Proper hand washing and drying is essential in promoting restroom hygiene. Maintenance procedures should include cleaning sinks regularly to remove standing water, checking soap dispensers to safeguard against depletion, restocking paper towels regularly, removing paper waste to avoid trash overflow, and removing water drips underneath hand dryers. Additionally, hand dryers without a sealed system should be cleaned every six months.

Because damp hands spread up to 1,000 more bacteria than dried hands, choose an effective hand dryer. HEPA filters are an important feature to consider. Traditional, clunky hand dryers can take up to 43 seconds to effectively dry hands and may not use HEPA filters to remove bacteria from the air.

Common Restroom Issues

When designing a restroom that promotes both employee and customer health, consider restroom issues that cause unhygienic situations and try to avoid these.

  • Unclean bathroom stalls and hand washing stations
  • Low stock of necessary products like toilet paper, hand soap, and paper towels
  • Improper facility maintenance and irregular cleaning
  • Water on the floor near hand washing and drying areas
  • Paper towel waste overflowing from trash receptacles
  • Clogged plumbing from improper use and/or disposal of paper towels

Properly planning and maintaining the restroom can alleviate the stress these problems can cause and present a more hygienic experience. Create a daily maintenance plan and log o try and avoid restroom problems.”

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