Commercial Cleaning Specialists

Commercial Cleaning Specialists

Cleaning is one of the tasks within a workplace that no employee wants to undertake. If your office shares cleaning duties it is either frustrating for employees to clean up other peoples mess (lets face it everyone believe they are the cleanest in the office) or it is taking time away from the tasks in which they are originally employed to do, therefore decreasing productivity.

It therefore comes to a point when the business decides to either employ their own team of cleaners or to appoint a professional commercial cleaning company. Please find below some reasons why we believe that appointing a commercial cleaning contract would be the right decision for your business.

Appointing a Commercial Cleaning Company

Holiday Cover

By appointing an established commercial cleaning company the organisation would have the peace of mind that when the cleaning operative takes their holiday leave or if there is ever an unforeseeable absence for sickness etc then the commercial cleaning company would have the labour pool to cover the period they are off with another fully trained member of staff meaning that there should never be a break down of service.


By appointing an established commercial cleaning company you have the confidence that the company appointed by your organisation would have the skill set, expertise and professional equipment to conduct the clean effectively and efficiently throughout the length of the contract ensuring that your premises is maintained to the highest standard at all times.

Health and Safety

When you appoint a commercial cleaning company they will provide the cleaning operatives with all relevant PPE equipment, the employee will also be fully insured by the company as well as providing all COSHH information for all products supplied to site.

Fully Managed

By appointing a cleaning company you have one less thing to worry about so you can focus on your core business. The cleaning company would not only provide the cleaning time but also full supervisory and management checks along with KPI reports and attendance monitoring.

If you would like to discuss how your business premises would benefit from using a commercial cleaning company in more detail then please contact us direct today on 01792 323238 – we look forward to hearing from you.