Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpets and flooring are a staple in any workplace or home. This, however, makes them particularly hard to clean and keep clean.

Clean flooring can transform your building, making the whole area a lot more appealing and fresh for your employees and your customers. Below we have just a few of our top tips on commercial carpet cleaning and how to keep your flooring and carpets clean and to prevent build-up making your lives a lot easier.

Vacuum regularly

If your home or your workplace has carpets, be sure to vacuum often especially in high use areas such as entrances and exits. Vacuuming a couple of times a week will help prevent any build-up to maintain your carpet and keep it clean. It’s also handy to invest in a small handheld vacuum to get to all of those hard to reach areas with a standard vacuum.

Entrance mats

It’s very important to use entrance mats, not only to prevent slips in public areas but to keep your workplace as clean as possible. Especially during wet weather to stop dirt and mud being brought through onto the flooring.

Also, be sure to offer shoe protectors to those who enter your workplace if the weather outside is particularly bad. This again will prevent excess dirt from your shoes being trodden into your flooring.

Clean stains immediately

The most important thing to do when a stain occurs is to clean it straight away. The longer the stain is left to sit the more time it will have to react with the carpet or flooring making it harder to clean. Also, where possible try to use natural cleaning products to limit any chemical damage to your carpet. If this doesn’t work you should then, of course, use white vinegar, baking soda or cleaning products.

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