Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Our Top Tips

Commercial carpet cleaning is often one of the core services that we offer to our clients.

Clean carpets, or flooring for that matter, can often make or break a room. And what’s particularly tricky when keeping carpets clean is the fact that they’re always in use. People walk up and down carpets constantly especially in high traffic areas. Its important carpets are kept clean as dirty carpets are very noticeable and can often ruin the look of your workplace. We’ve put together this list of our top commercial carpet cleaning tips. This way you can ensure your workplace is kept looking fresh and clean all year long.

Keep on top of stains and spillage

Spillages are often the main source of long term damage to your carpets. If you see something has been spilt and do not clean it up immediately you could be faced with a stain which is much harder to remove. The longer the spillage is left the more time it will have to react with the carpet resulting in a much larger, stubborn stain. Always try to use natural cleaning products or white vinegar and baking soda to reduce any chemical damage to your carpet.

Vacuum regularly

Carpets are particularly susceptible to a build-up of dirt, especially when it comes to common areas such as receptions and entrance areas. You can quite easily tackle this and avoid any long term damage by ensuring you regularly vacuum these areas. Vacuuming at least twice a week should prevent any build-up of dirt and protect your carpets.

Use mats

Always use entrance and exit mats. Not only will this limit the amount of dirt that is carried through to your carpets but it will also prevent any falls and slips particularly in the winter months. It’s always a good idea to have an outdoor mat if possible and then one inside the room to maximise the amount of dirt picked up by these.

If you need help with your commercial carpet cleaning and would like to find out more about our services for your business just get in touch today.