Cleaning Up Wintry Weather

As the weather starts to worsen it’s time to start thinking about keeping clean during storms and particularly bad weather.

When you think about all of the mud and debris you are carrying through from the outdoors with you when bad weather arises, whether from your shoes or coat it’s quite remarkable. What makes things worse is when you’re working in a public space and having to keep it clean when there are people constantly in and out carrying leaves and dirt around with them. If you follow these 5 tips you can make sure your office, shop or any other commercial space is kept clean during the stormy months.

1. Entrances

One of the most important pieces of advice we can give you this winter is to always have a top-quality door matt in your commercial establishment. And have one at every entrance to avoid any leaves and rain-drenched soil being carried in by winter boots.

2. Umbrella stands

This one is not only from a cleanliness point of view but also a safety point of view. During a storm, most people are likely to be carrying their umbrellas which means they’re going to be bringing in a lot of wetness with them. Causing both a cleanliness hazard and a slipping hazard, we would suggest getting an umbrella stand which is clearly displayed to minimise this.

3. Go wild with the anti-bac

Everyone knows that the winter months are a battle against your immune system. Cold and flu viruses are much more likely and germs are going to spread. Take extra care with using anti-bacterial spray or wipes and ensure to disinfect more frequently to get rid of all of those germs just waiting to make someone sick.

4. Keeping the windows clean

Windows are more often than not forgotten about during winter because let’s face it, no one wants to get out on those ladders in this temperature. But keeping your windows clean actually allows for more sunlight to absorb more moisture increasing the risk of mould.

5.  Flooring

This may seem like an obvious one but your carpet can go through a lot during winter so be sure to keep on top of the hoovering and mopping to avoid more long term damage.

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