Why is cleaning your office keyboard so important?

Cleaning offices across Swansea and West Wales, we know your office keyboard is something you use every day, but did you know that the average keyboard was shown to have five times as many bacteria as a toilet seat? That’s 150 times over the acceptable bacteria limit.

How to make sure your office keyboard is clean and bacteria free.

Make time to clean it

  • You should make sure your keyboard is cleaned at least once a month (although we would suggest a few more). Make sure you get under all the keys and the cracks and spend a good amount of time that you’ve got every part up to scratch to avoid those nasty germs.

Use compressed air

  • Using compressed air ensures that all the crumbs, hair, dirt that’s trapped in your keyboard is blown away. You can find these in any computer supply stores. You could also clean the fans and vents of your computer at the same time to keep your computer running smoothly.

Use Anti-Bacterial Wipes

  • Using anti-bacterial wipes will ensure that all those germs and bacteria are killed and will also stop the risk of your office keyboard getting wet. Use wipes every week or so, as the antibacterial treatment on the wipes will be the germs-killer you need.

Keep those paws clean

  • This means no more snacking at your desk and getting crumbs or dirt over your keyboard. Make sure your hands stay clean at all times to ensure that bacteria aren’t spreading not only across your keyboard, but also across your desk.

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