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The big question that many potential customers ask us is; what makes us different to the other cleaning companies in and around the Swansea and Neath areas that they can choose from?

A cleaning company is one of the most popular types of start up businesses and the reason why is because there are very little barriers to entry. There is nothing stopping Mr Joe Blogg’s buying a mop and bucket and calling himself Mr Blogg’s Cleaning Services. Below is a list at what makes us stand out compared to the competition and why we can offer you a very personalised and professional service.

Agreed Task Schedule
We will provide you with an in depth task schedule which will demonstrate how often we complete each individual task within your premises. The task schedule will be based around your individual needs and requirements in order for us to provide you with a more personalised service. This task schedule will then be used as a basis of all of our supervisory visits in order to ensure the standards of service are being up kept.

Supervisory and Contract Manager Visits
As part of our contracts annual charge each client will receive supervisory visits (whilst the cleaning operative is on site) and also contract manager visits (whilst the cleaning operative is offsite) to ensure that the cleanliness is being up kept to the highest possible standards and you as the client are completely satisfied.

Communication Logs
We will place a communication log on site with yourself which the cleaning operative will have access too and sign before every shift in order to receive any communications and/or instructions from yourselves. Some clients prefer the cleaning operative to work outside of office hours; therefore this simple communication tool allows the cleaning operative and client to have a line of communication without feeling the need to contact them via our offices.

24 Hour Telephone Service
We use a 24 hour telephone service so that you as the customer have the guarantee that no matter what time of day it is you have the guarantee of speaking to someone. Any queries or requests will be emailed straight over to the relevant member of staff and any urgent requests/emergencies will be forwarded on via phone call instantly. This gives you as the customer the peace of mind that we can react to your needs and requests 24/7.

Ezi-Tracker Staff Management System
We implement a staff management system on our client’s sites which requires the member of staff to clock in when they enter and leave a client premises via an office telephone. This system allows us to monitor when staff have entered and left the site which allows us to guarantee you as the customer the peace of mind that you are receiving the amount of cleaning time you are paying for. It also allows us to safeguard our members of staff, especially if they are lone workers to ensure they have successfully clocked out at the end of a shift.
Uniformed and Fully Trained Members of Staff
All new or transferred members of staff are required to undertake our unique training programme. The training programme includes topics on cleaning procedures and materials through too security and customer service. The training programme doesn’t stop at the initial training programme, during the site supervisory visits each member of staff shall receive on the job training to ensure all training topics are being continuously adhered too. All of our members of staff have ServiceMaster uniform that need to be worn every shift. This uniform is not only worn for professionalism but also security purposes.

National System and Support Network
We are very proud too be apart of a network which has been within the cleaning industry for over 55 years. This enables us to have access to innovative products and procedures. It also enables us to have vast knowledge and experience of all cleaning matters. Being apart of a franchise allows us to offer our clients nationwide coverage if needed.

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