Cleaning Companies, Swansea

There are numerous types of cleaning companies operating within Swansea and the surrounding areas. The size and the scope of the cleaning companies vary greatly. When selecting a cleaning company for your commercial or domestic needs you need to take certain factors into account.

The Size of the company

Everyone needs to start somewhere, and none more than ourselves. ServiceMaster Swansea & South West Wales was established in May 2005 with no clients and no staff, with hard work and dedication from our managing director; Jayne, we currently employ over 120 members of staff and service over 95 commercial premises within Swansea & South West Wales alone. With our local labour pool and the benefit of being apart of the ServiceMaster global network, we have the ability to service any commercial premises to the highest standards.

We have over a decade of local cleaning knowledge, and global experience of over 55 years, allowing us to provide our clients with a wealth of knowledge, the latest technology and a support network which makes us the right choice to provide your commercial premises with an un-paralleled service, without losing the personal touch.


The Expertise of the company

‘Cleaning Company’ is quite a wide term in relation to skills and expertise. Cleaning companies vary from window cleaners to carpet & upholstery cleaners, daily commercial cleaners to specialist cleaning companies, crime scene cleaning to domestic cleaners and to fire and flood restoration cleaners.

We strongly believe that offering one core service to our clients allow us to provide the highest quality service at all times. We are strictly a commercial cleaning company who specialise in the day to day cleaning of commercial premises. This allows us to provide our commercial clients with our full commitment and un-divided attention.

Even though we specialise in daily commercial cleaning we have the benefit of working in partnership with numerous other companies in order to provide our clients with the services they require at an extremely competitive price.

Many cleaning companies in Swansea and South West Wales try and cover all aspects of cleaning to maximise their profit margins, such as commercial and domestic cleaning or window cleaning and carpet cleaning, with us at ServiceMaster, Swansea & South West Wales, you can guarantee that we will place our full commitment in providing your business premises, no matter how big or small our un-divided attention.

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The Location of the company

Many companies whom are operating within Swansea and the South West Wales area, are normally located in Cardiff, Newport, Bristol or beyond, which will make it harder for them to respond to any complaints or requests that a client may have. We pride ourselves on our client retention rate, and our response time to any requests that a client may have.

As ‘cleaning companies’ go, we are in fact very ‘top heavy’ with more supervisors and contracts managers to that of the industry norm, in order to provide the best possible customer service by monitoring cleanliness levels. We believe that prevention is key, rather than reaction, however if a complaint does somehow occur, we have the ability to deal with it immediately, being ideally located just off junction 43 of the M4 in Llandarcy.

We strictly only service commercial premises from Bridgend to Pembrokeshire, therefore we are situated in the middle of our geographical zone in order to provide our clients with the best possible customer service at all times.


The Technology within the company

Cleaning companies are renowned to be one of the easiest companies to start up in relation to starting capital and barriers to entry, therefore you need to ensure that the cleaning company that you decide to use are reliable and have a suitable infrastructure to tender to your commercial cleaning needs. Existing customer testimonials are always a good indicator.

At ServiceMaster, Swansea & South West Wales we use a staff management system called ‘EziTracker’ which allows us to monitor our workforce in order to improve our staff’s health and safety whilst at work whilst also guaranteeing our clients a level of service at all times.

At ServiceMaster, we also have invested heavily in a 24/7 manned telephone system which allows our customers to contact us day or night. Also being apart of a global network allows us to be informed of any new technologies within the market, and also have access to ServiceMasters’ unique products and materials.


So whatever type of commercial cleaning company you are looking for, we would love the opportunity to provide yourselves with a quotation and explain as to how we could benefit your company. If you would like a commercial cleaning quote or even just some free advice/chat then please feel free to contact us on our office number 01792 32 32 38 or email us at:

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