How a clean workplace can increase productivity

 A clean and tidy workspace is proven to increase productivity, it can help in many ways, such as: Reduce Sickness, Improve Motivation, Impact Company Culture and Boost Morale.

 Reduces Sickness

Office furniture and equipment can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Our task schedules are individually tailored to suit each clients site, ensuring that every part of the office is cleaned on a regular basis.

Did you know that office telephones have 25,000 germs per square inch? We place the task of sanitizing office telephones within our task schedule to eliminate the possibility of a member of your staff become ill from just answering their telephone.

Office Desks have also been found to more than 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat, yet 87% of office workers eat their food at their desk! Just cleaning and sanitizing your office desks can help reduce your employee’s absenteeism and help increase productivity.

25% of water cooler buttons are considered serious risk for illness transmission, we can place whatever request you may have into your daily task schedule to ensure that the clean is to your exact standards and eliminate the risk of an illness spreading throughout your workplace.

 Improves Motivation/Boosts Morale

During the working week, the average adult spends more time awake in their workplace than they do at home, so why should you allow the standards of cleanliness in your workplace to fall below that of your home?

Motivated employees will help increase productivity and boost morale, No employee likes working in a dirty, dark and cluttered environment. Some of our clients just ask us to provide a weekly clean, to touch up on the areas that their employees are not expected to clean themselves. We can tailor a service package that suits your needs, motivate your employees and increase productivity.

 Impacts Company Culture

 If you work in a dirty environment then the chances are your company culture may be the same. An office environment is an extension of your product/service, and customers, clients and visitors will sub-consciously view your office cleanliness as a viewpoint as to what your product/service has to offer. Allow us to take the hassle away from you and clean your offices to a high standard, so that you can concentrate on the core of your business.

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