How To Clean Office Cubicle Wall

How To Clean Office Cubicle Wall

Large offices have different work stations for their employees. Open plan offices are designed to create a team working environment, however cubicle wall dividers are designed to increase productivity. Within Swansea and South West Wales, there are a number of different organisation that require different settings such as call centres, public services offices and data centres.

Cubicle dividers offer a simple, efficient way to maximise work space, creating a semi-private workstation and accommodates more workers than banks of traditional office space. The cubicle dividers which are popular amongst a number of organisations within the Swansea and surrounding areas and cleaning the dividers create a problem for office cleaners or professional commercial cleaning companies.

Unlike the usual painted office wall, cubicle walls cannot simply be wiped with a wet cloth for cleaning. Fabric cubicle walls attracts and collects dust particles, dirt, germs and other particles that can cause allergic reactions. At ServiceMaster Clean, Swansea we want all of our commercial cleaning contracts who use office cubicle dividers to be fresh and look great. Below are a few tips in cleaning the cubicle dividers.


Many cubicle  wall materials allow the employee to attach a variety of notes, decorations and memos onto the walls which becomes an extension of the work space. De-cluttering these walls is a key step in the cleaning process. Remove all items from the walls and get rid of any documents which are no longer needed. Store the remaining items on the desk temporarily until the cleaning of the walls is complete.

How to clean

Vacuuming the walls is the first step in the cleaning procedure. This will allow you to remove as much dust, loose dirt and any other particles that may be clinging onto the fabric fibres. For anyone suffering with allergies this is a vital step in the cleaning process as it may reduce symptoms triggered by dust and pollen.

Any stains on the walls should be pre-treated with a spot cleaner, these fabric walls will respond to either a solvent or water-based cleaner. Always test a small, area with the spot remover first. Look to ensure the colour doesn’t fade and that the fabric doesn’t become damaged.

To clean the cubicle walls, try a mild liquid detergent, water and a soft-bristle scrub brush. Mix a cleaning solution of ¼ cup mild laundry detergent with one quarter warm water to create a sudsy solution. Dip the brush into the suds, not the soapy water, and lightly scrub the cubicle wall panels with the suds.

Cleaning Tips

Work from the top of the panels to the bottom, lightly scrubbing in a small, circular motion. To remove the suds, wipe with a clean wet towel. Allow to dry thoughrrally before moving the furniture back in place or returning the removed items to the walls.

Large offices within the Swansea and surrounding areas may find it more beneficial, more efficient and less hassle to leave this type of cleaning to a professional office cleaning company, such as us at ServiceMaster Clean, Swansea & South West Wales.