How to clean your household floors like a professional

Different household floors require different care, but how do you know what to use in your home without getting a professional involved? Throughout our years as domestic cleaners we’ve master the art of the different products and techniques used to get those floors sparkling. Here’s our top tips in how to treat each household floor.


  • Dust with microfiber cloth
  • spray on mild water-based cleaner
  • mop with dry cloth

Don’t – Use a DIY water and vinegar solution which can break down and dull a wooden floor’s finish.


  • Vacuum or sweep dirt
  • use a mop damped with a mild cleaner and water solution
  • Wipe away leftover moisture with a dry cloth

Don’t – Soak floors with cleaning solution or the laminate could expand.


  • Mop regularly with a multisurface cleaner
  • To maintain shine, wax every two to six months.
  • Apply two coats each time. Wait for the first coat to dry completely before applying second.
  • Buff with soft cloth mop.

Don’t – To avoid streaks – Rinse and wring out your mop frequently.

Ceramic Floor

  • Mop with warm water and tile cleaner
  • dry using a dry cloth to absorb water that collect in grout lines

Don’t –  forget to deep clean every few month.

Scrub the stained grout with a soft toothbrush and grout-cleaning solution.


  • Remove grease stains using a stiff brush and broom and hot water mixed with an alkaline de-greaser.
  • Rinse well with hose

Don’t – Sweat cleaning indoor, decorative concrete flooring. Mop with a water and vinegar solution.

Those are our top tips with floor cleaning. If you would like any help with you home cleaning. Get in touch.

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