How do you choose a reliable cleaning company?

In these busy times, most people struggle to find the time to clean, whether it’s homes or shared areas such as offices. In such a situation, many people turn to professionals, like ServiceMaster clean, to help with their cleaning needs.

With commercial settings like offices, hiring a cleaning contractor is almost a necessity. Choosing a cleaning professional, however, is a decision that demands a certain amount of consideration on your part.

One thing should be taken into particular consideration before hiring a professional cleaning contractor:

Will you receive the level of support you need?

A client’s biggest nightmare is not knowing what a contractor is doing on his/hers premises. Which is why at ServiceMaster Clean we offer dedicated contract managers. We also employ mobile supervisor, who will inspect the property to make sure that it is being cleaned to the highest standard. Your cleaning team will provide you with a detailed schedule, therefore you’ll know what to expect from your cleaning team. This is created to maximize the clean within the agreed timescale, whilst maintaining our highest standards.

Not only you will have a dedicated team to support your every cleaning need, but we also offer 24/7 support service. Do you need to tidy up your office before an important meeting? Have you had an office party which left the premise a little, lets say, messy? ServiceMaster clean has you covered.

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