Case Study: Clydach Medical Centre

ServiceMaster Case Study

ServiceMaster Swansea has been working with Clydach Medical Centre in Swansea for over ten years! We work closely with them and regularly check in.

We recently got in touch with the team to find out more about their tailored plan and their thoughts on our services.

Clydach Medical Centre

Clydach health centre

How Long has Clydach Medical Centre worked with ServiceMaster?

We started working with ServiceMaster back in April 2009 when we relocated from a small 1970s building to a large, modern, purpose-built Health Centre. We needed to employ the services of a dedicated cleaning company and ServiceMaster was recommended by a few colleagues. When we later (2018) merged with two other GP Practices, ServiceMaster was there to help and take over the cleaning of our two newly acquired buildings.

How Has ServiceMaster helped your practice?

ServiceMaster has played a crucial part in maintaining the overall cleanliness and hygiene of our Group Practice. Infection control and compliance with all the healthcare regulations have been at the forefront of the services the team has provided. In addition to this, it’s always a morale boost for staff to be working in a clean and safe environment.

What Services does ServiceMaster provide your practices?

It’s a ‘one-stop-shop’ essentially. ServiceMaster provides for all our cleaning needs, including the supply of all necessary equipment and materials. They have arranged for window cleaning, steam/deep cleaning of all carpets and vinyl flooring, as well as being a massive help when we had a flood at the Practice.

What makes you recommend us and our services to others?

There are several factors which lead me to recommend ServiceMaster. They are reliable, professional, have attention to detail, are flexible and have great communication.

How do you find the ease of dealing with ServiceMaster and the team?

As mentioned, ServiceMaster is great at communication, from regular on-site visits to monitor standards to regular emails and ‘at the end of the phone’ responses.

Is there anything you believe sets ServiceMaster apart from other service providers/cleaning companies?

In addition to the above reasons, their reputation speaks for itself. All members of the team are extremely helpful and responsive. Their standards are high, which is always reassuring. Overall, working together for the last 15 years they have proven why they are our preferred choice.

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