A Special Surprise this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner so we want to share with you some tips on how you can surprise your mum on her special day. Sometimes it’s not about the big extravagant gifts, it’s about the little things and what better place to start than at home.

Here are some tips and tricks on how you can freshen up your mums’ home so she can enjoy her day completely stress-free. Whether you live together, or you have to do a bit of sneaking around these tips will ensure your mum has the best Mother’s Day in 2019.

Small tasks can make a big difference

Start off with a little vacuuming and dusting to get rid of that build up. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference this will make in a short space of time. Putting the dishes away and wiping down the kitchen worktops can also make a huge difference to the kitchen straight away.

Freshen up

Treat your mum to some flowers and light some candles. It’s always amazing to walk into a room and be greeted with a pleasant scent. Lit candles and flowers also generally just give the room a nicer feel and vibe uplifting your mum’s mood this Mother’s Day.


Try and make the effort while you’re freshening up to declutter the space. For example, if a coat is left out, just hanging it up and making your mum’s home look generally tidier will make a huge difference and will be the perfect gift this Mother’s Day.

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