7 Simple Habits To Keep A Clean House


Keep a house clean and tidy with these 7 daily habits. They are simple to follow and anyone can do them! Take a look now!




1.  Start off by making the bed.

Making the bed every day can make a HUGE difference in how tidy a bedroom can look, and it is one of the simplest chores to do. If you find that you still can’t find that motivation to make your bed in the mornings, maybe your just not a morning person, try and simplify your bedding to the point that you are left with only bedding that is necessary.


2. Prioritize

Most of us find that there are not enough hours in the day to get all the cleaning done, and who wants to spend all their free time cleaning anyway? Make a list of all the jobs that need to be done and prioritize these jobs according to much time you have available. Try not to get distracted by other jobs that need doing and focus on your goals.


3. Never leave a room without scanning for mess

So as you move from one room to another make sure you do a quick scan to see if there is anything you can take with you. Simple right? You will be surprised how much of a difference this will make and how much overall time you will save once you really get into the habit. Take only what you will have time to put away, not just creating another pile in a different room. Think in terms of items like dirty dishes, toys on the floor or laundry that needs to be put away upstairs.

4. Declutter

This could be a long process, but when implemented properly this will drastically cut down on the amount of time you spend on cleaning your home. Fewer items out on surfaces can cut down on cleaning and have a designated spot for everything can really help when it comes to tidying up.


5. Designate a laundry day(s)

There is nothing worse than waking up, going to get dressed and wondering where are all my clothes? Try Designating a specific day/days for doing your laundry. Create a pattern to make it easier to stick to and fit this around your schedule. Now, this won’t work for everyone as some families may find that every day is laundry day. If that is the case try creating a schedule of your own by doing a load of washing first thing in the morning ready to dry throughout the day.


6. Clean Top to Bottom Left to right.

This tip can change everything once you get into the routine. Dust and dirt from high cupboards are going to fall onto the surfaces below whilst being cleaned so it only makes sense to do these first, otherwise your just making extra work for yourself. Same rules apply from counter to floor don’t worry about brushing crumbs etc onto the floor, as with the top to bottom rule you know that this the last area to clean. As for left to right (or right to left it is entirely up to you) we are trying to remain consistent with your cleaning technique. We want to make sure every area of the room is cleaned by working in a consistent manner.


7. Have Cleaning products near to you.

Keep all bathrooms stocked with basic cleaning supplies, things like cloths, toilet scrub, and bathroom cleaner. This makes it so much easier and provides motivation to clean as you will have everything you need. Again with the kitchen, keep it fully stocked with cleaning products, we also tend to keep glass cleaners, microfibre cloths, polish etc. Top Tip try storing your products in an easy to carry container that you can take with you from room to room.