2021 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

2021 Customer Satisfaction Survey – ‘Tell ServiceMaster’

At ServiceMaster South Wales we place a huge emphasis on customer satisfaction and retention which has been reflected in the amount of clients who have been using our services for over ten years.

Part of our strategy to achieve these levels of customer satisfaction is to receive constant feedback from our clients. Therefore annually we send out a customer satisfaction survey courtesy of Listenn360.com which asks one simple question ‘How likely are you to recommend ServiceMaster, South Wales to a friend or business associate?’ The client is asked to answer by selecting a score between 1 (very unlikely) to 10 (very likely). The responses received from this one question then allows us to generate an overall Net Promoter Score (NPS Score).

Customers who respond with a score between 1 and 6 are classed as detractors and take away from the overall score, clients who rate the likelihood of recommending our services a 7/8 are classed as ‘passive’ and clients who answer with a score of 9 or 10 are classed as promoters and therefore add to our overall score. Therefore if every client answered a 9 or a 10 then our score would be +100 and also if every client rated answered a 6 or below our score would be -100.

Previous studies have found that the median net promoter score is just that of 16% for cleaning services.

ServiceMaster South Wales 2021 NPS Score

All of our clients at ServiceMaster South Wales were sent the survey throughout June 2021 and our results were extremely positive by receiving a very impressive +83% NPS Score!

We are very happy with this impressive score. We started calculating our scores in 2015 and have never received an overall score of below +80% which is testament to our highly trained cleaning staff, supervisors and contracts managers who constantly strive for perfection.

What is impressive about this years results is that the average response to the survey is normally around 25%, however this year we received an impressive response rate of 39%.

Jonathan Gethin our Business Development Manager who conducts the survey added:
“We started calculating our NPS scores in 2015 to gather customer feedback and to find out what our clients really think about the services we provide. We have always received positive feedback. After a difficult year due to the pandemic and the microscope really being on the cleaning levels within business and with a lot of change over of cleaning schedules/times and frequencies coupled with our expansion into South East Wales, we really did not know what to expect this year. But as our very impressive score reflects, it was nothing to worry about. This score reflects the hard work and dedication that our contracts managers and support supervisors have put in over the last 12 months to ensure the business not only survives but also thrives throughout the pandemic. There has been a lot of change with some companies closing, some adding additional hours and changing of cleaning shift patterns but our management team and large team of highly trained professional cleaners have risen to the challenge and exceeded expectations. I would like to thank every member of staff and management for their hard work and dedication throughout 2021.

ServiceMaster South Wales have also received numerous awards for customer service during the annual awards ceremony held by ServiceMaster Ltd which come from constantly being amongst the top performers for customer service and achieving the highest NPS scores, year on year.

Below are some of the comments received which were left by some of our clients when rating our services this year!

2021 Client Comments

Continuity of staff who are very reliable, courteous and efficient.

Excellent customer service – dealing with any issues promptly and without fuss

Regular checks

High quality service, with excellent customer service..

I have worked from home for the past 15 months, I went to site and spoke to our contracts manager and he stated the level of cleaning is excellent and certainly recommended you.

Quick and efficient, no interruption to the business. Good level of cleaning

Great service, Great response if issues arise. One stop shop for all our cleaning requirements.

Very friendly staff and support is excellent.

They provide a great service, using the best team of staff. There is always someone willing to help. They communication well and look after us as valued clients.

Communication is great, we’re always contacted promptly if the regular cleaner cannot make it for any reason. The consistency of the same cleaner is appreciated and our cleaner Dave is fantastic!

The management of the operation and cleaning personnel. Previous contractors did almost nothing to supervise work of cleaning personnel. Also, cleaning personnel are generally of a high standard and, if not, corrective action gets taken.

Friendly and always willing to go the extra mile, couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

Very good at listening to us and answering any concerns. Quick to respond and approachable.