2020 Customer Satisfaction Score!

2020 Customer Satisfaction Survey – ‘Tell ServiceMaster’

It is very important to us that we receive constant customer feedback and therefore annually we send an email to all of our clients (Via Listen360) asking them one simple question; ‘How Likely are you to recommend ServiceMaster Clean, Swansea to a friend or a business associate?’ The client is asked to answer the above questions by simply selecting a score between 1 and 10. 1 being very unlikely and 10 being likely. The responses received from this scoring generates our overall NPS (Net Promoter Score). This is explained in more detail below.

The NPS score ranges from -100 to +100 and helps calculate the likelihood that a client will recommend your companies products or services and gauges your clients loyalty to your brand.
Depending on the score provided by the client it places that client in one of three categories. Detractors (Scores 1-6), Passive (Scores 7&8) and Promoters (Scores 9&10).

Detractors are customers who rated the companies’ products or services at 6 or below. These customers are dissatisfied with the products/services and therefore may be somewhat damaging to the companies brand.
Passives are customers who rated the brand between 7-8 and somewhat satisfied however wouldn’t potentially recommend your company to friends and colleagues and are at risk from competitors offers.
Promoters are customers who rated the company either a 9 or a 10 and are completely satisfied with the products and services that you offer. They are also most likely to recommend your products and services and are beneficial to your brand.


The overall NPS score is then determined by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the promoters. The score is then calculated between -100 and +100. If every customer rated our company 6 or below our score would be -100 and if every client rated our company a 9 or 10 our score would be +100. Previous studies have found that the median net promoter score is just that of 16% for cleaning services.

Our 2020 NPS Score

 All of ServiceMaster clients were sent the survey throughout January and our results were extremely positive by receiving an impressive +80% NPS Score! We are extremely delighted again with another impressive score which has been consistent since we started calculating our scores in 2015. Not only did we receive a very impressive score we did not receive a response from a customer that was below 7/10 which is a fantastic achievement within the cleaning industry.

Jonathan Gethin our Business Development Manager who conducts the survey added “Since we started calculating our NPS score in 2015 we have received nothing but positive feedback and great scores. We have grown year on year and it is always a concern that when growing the company that some customers may become dissatisfied however It is evident that this is not the case and if anything our customer service is improving and our relationships with our clients are becoming stronger. I attend a number of ‘leads’ where the client has been provided our contact details by our current customers which is refreshing and also positive to feed back to our operational team. The median score for NPS is that of just +16% and therefore to receive a score of +80% and be constantly above +75% is a great achievement. We have also recruited a third contracts manager to ensure that when we continue to grow that all of our current clients will continue to receive a bespoke and personalised service.”

ServiceMaster Swansea have also received numerous awards for customer service during the annual awards ceremony held by ServiceMaster Ltd which come from constantly being amongst the top performers for customer service and achieving the highest NPS scores, year on year.

Below are some of the comments received which were left by some of our clients when rating our services!

Client Comments

Excellent communication – if there is a problem it is resolved quickly and without fuss.

Overall a good, consistent service. Servicemaster are easy to deal with and always available if there are any problems. Staff are always polite, approachable and work well with very few issues.

Attention to detail. High standards and great team

Service is excellent and the cleaner is always on time and provides and excellent service.

It’s difficult to know if your employing someone who will be a good cleaner but any issues have been resolved quickly. Its hard to say how you could employ better as you will only see their capabilities on the job but Management is brilliant and the best I have seen from a cleaning company.

Reliable, good communication

Excellent staff, always attentive to our needs

Prompt response, proactive rather than reactive, always very friendly and helpful staff

excellent service, friendly helpful staff, highly recommend

Good friendly workers ,hard working and always turn up