2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey – Tell ServiceMaster

2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey – Tell ServiceMaster

Annually we send an email to all of our current clients and ask them one simple question: “How likely are you to recommend ServiceMaster Clean, Swansea to a Friend or Business Associate?” The client is asked to answer the above question by selecting an option between 1 and 10, 1 being extremely unlikely and 10 being extremely likely. The responses received from this simple question help us generate our yearly NPS (Net Promoter Score).
The NPS is an index that ranges between -100 and +100 and calculates the willingness to recommend companies products or services to a friend or colleague. It therefore calculates a customer’s satisfaction and loyalty to a companies brand.

Depending on the score provided by the client it places that client in one of three categories. Detractors (Scores 1-6), Passive (Scores 7&8) and Promoters (Scores 9&10).

Detractors are customers who rated the companies’ products or services at 6 or below. These customers are dissatisfied with the products/services and therefore may be somewhat damaging to the companies brand.
Passives are customers who rated the brand between 7-8 and somewhat satisfied however wouldn’t potentially recommend your company to friends and colleagues and are at risk from competitors offers.
Promoters are customers who rated the company either a 9 or a 10 and are completely satisfied with the products and services that you offer. They are also most likely to recommend your products and services and are beneficial to your brand.

The overall NPS score is then determined by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the promoters. The score is then calculated between -100 and +100. If every customer rated our company 6 or below our score would be -100 and if every client rated our company a 9 or 10 our score would be +100. Previous studies have found that the median net promoter score is just that of 16%.

Our 2018 NPS Score

 All of ServiceMaster clients were sent the survey last month and our results were extremely positive by receiving an impressive +86% NPS Score! We are extremely delighted again with another impressive score as this is the fourth time in a row we have achieved over 80%. Not only did we receive a very impressive score we did not receive a response from a customer that was below 6/10 which is a fantastic achievement within the cleaning industry.

Lianne Davies one of our contracts managers said “We are absolutely delighted with another very successful NPS score. It is very rare that a company scores over 50% therefore for us to achieve over 80% four times in a row is very special. This time around was the first time we received no scores in the ‘detractors’ category which is very pleasing. For every client who responded to mark us at least 7/10 and the majority in the 9s and 10s is very satisfying and is a great reward for the hard work and dedication we put in to ensure every customer is satisfied with the services we provide. Customer satisfaction is of our highest priority and to receive this score demonstrates that we are doing something right!”

Below are some of the optional comments received which were left by some of our clients when rating our services!

Client Comments

 “Reliable and efficient service with continuity of staff.”

“Very professional service. All cleaning carried out to a very high standard. Always willing to help. Friendly staff and management who are always punctual and reliable”

“Staff are very friendly and helpful. Cleaning excellent and Angela very helpful if we have a problem”

“Very reliable and professional. Thank you”

“The Staff are very helpful, always ready to do that little bit extra when asked, areas are kept clean and tidy, the supervisor is always prepared to meet with me when asked. Service is very good”

“Excellent service and customer care”

“Improved monitoring to ensure the little jobs are carried out!”

“- High standard of cleaning. 
– Professional and friendly staff.
– Thorough cleaning and regular supervisor monitoring of the level of cleaning.
– Efficiency with providing additional quotations for one off jobs.
– Efficiency with accounts related queries – dealt with in a timely and professional manner.”

“Hard working friendly staff quick response to all requests”

“We would absolutely recommend Service Master. The service and communication from the team is fantastic. The standard of cleaning and the staff provided are of a very high level and highly professional. Keep it up!”

“A good job done, good communication and a friendly approach.”

 “Since returning to having ServiceMaster as our office & service areas cleaning provider, we have found the standards achieved by our ServiceMaster cleaning team to exceed our expectations! 
The friendly team of cleaners take pride in their work and provide us with an excellent service

“I like the personal touch and always very responsive and keeps me updated on all changes. the cleaning is of a great standard and checked all the time. Top Class thanks”

“Our current cleaner goes above and beyond with her service to us. She is very efficient and nothing is too much trouble.”

“I find Service Master very easy to deal with. If there is a problem they are on it straight away and ensure that it is rectified ASAP. They communicate well and provide a personal touch. They always try keep their costs to a minimum.”