Evaluating Your Cleaning Staff

Evaluating Your Cleaning Staff

Are you aware of how clean your workplace really is? With everything that today’s facility managers and owners have to keep on top of, it can be difficult to keep yourself enough time to conduct a thorough cleaning staff performance review – but making time for this task is essential.

Did you know that an effective cleaning company and cleaning team can actually help your business succeed? By keeping certain areas well stocked with consumables and properly cleaned and sanitised, your facility becomes a more welcoming and enjoyable space for both your clients and staff. A regular commercial cleaning service can also help you achieve a healthier environment by improving air quality and encouraging worker safety and performance.

Since a strong commercial cleaning service can benefit your overall business in a number of ways, it is vital that you know exactly how your chosen commercial cleaning team actually perform. Use our tips below to quickly and easily create a cleaning service evaluation form that you can use again and again to ensure your commercial premises gets the deep clean you need.

Building Your Cleaning Evaluation Form

To make sure your current cleaning team, cleans to your specific standards, we recommend that you generate your own cleaning services evaluation form to cover the areas of most importance to you, like high-traffic and high-visibility areas. Make a cleaning checklist for each area, and include room for additional comments and follow-up requests. You can even identify specific spaces you want cleaned and sanitized on a daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual basis.

The commercial cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster Clean® broke down the most common cleaning tasks by room below so you can easily start building your own evaluation form today.


  • Are the floors, counters, stalls and equipment free of stains, odours and debris?
  • Were the proper sanitizers and disinfectants used on each bathroom surface?
  • Were proper cross-contamination methods employed?
  • Did the team restock essentials, including toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap and hand sanitizer?


  • Were all rubbish bins and recycling bins emptied?
  • Were the dishes washed and properly put away?
  • Were all surfaces sanitized and cleared of debris?
  • Were the floors cleaned with the right solutions for the flooring type?
  • If applicable, were the refrigerator and other appliances wiped down?

Common Areas:

  • Was all rubbish and recyclable material removed?
  • Were the floors cleaned with the proper tools and equipment for carpet, tile, hardwood, etc.?
  • Are high-traffic areas free of dirt, shoe prints and stains?
  • If you run your finger along a windowsill, cubicle wall or on top of a cabinet, does it pick up dust? Note: Dusting is a core attribute of commercial office cleaning. If your current janitorial team fails to satisfactorily provide this service, you should be concerned.

Add your own questions to this checklist to create a form personalized to your business. That way, you can better identify if your current cleaning staff is a right fit for your company.

The Real Cost of Poor Cleaning

Ultimately, the most important question to consider when evaluating a commercial cleaning company is whether you feel comfortable communicating with your cleaning team to come up with solutions when issues arise. A performance evaluation won’t change anything if your cleaning team is inaccessible or unresponsive.

When you have a concern, your cleaning team should be able to respond immediately. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your service provider, or they don’t fix an issue right away, you may never get the service you and your business deserve. As your business changes, so will your cleaning needs. You need a commercial cleaning partner who is willing to change with you.

If the performance evaluation of your current cleaning company reveals that it’s time for a change, contact the experts at ServiceMaster Clean. We have the dedicated cleaning professionals, advanced tools and industry experience you need to get the best service possible. Find out more about our comprehensive, customizable commercial cleaning services today.